Inventors of the Howarine Process to glue
and self separating business form sets
Inventors of the Howarine Process to glue and self separate business form sets
As inventors of the first system for fanapart gluing and self separating business for sets of N.C.R type papers, and the only system for the production of fanapart self separating sets using bond/bank paper, Howarine Calvert have been a household name in the printing and bookbinding industry since 1962. Growth has spread to exporting to every major country in the world with manufacturing plants in UK and France.
As glue specialists our trained staff are always waiting to answer any technical questions you may have, and our fully equipped laboratories are ready advise you on exactly the right adhesive you require,for those special One Off Jobs. All items are normally in stock and we aim to supply all your needs immediately. We have Strict Quality control, and collaborate closely with paper mills on specification changes. As a result of constant R&D in both our UK and French laboratories, our products are always of the highest quality. All our adhesives are guaranteed for 12 months, and should you encounter any difficulties we stand ready to assist you. Our adhesives are unbeaten for their proven reliability, and having last year moved to our new factory in London, thanks to the increased efficiency of our latest equipment, we have been able to keep down our pricing which remains highly competitive. We pride ourselves on producing the finest quality adhesives and in providing the industry with cost effective adhesive solutions at realistic prices.