Glue Guide

Below is simple guide to help you decide on what adhesives is best for your needs.

Creating a two-part set using Bond & Carbonless Paper

Use Howrex Adhesive & Release Agent, an innovative adhesive system that allows you to simply self-separate fanapart sets. Howarex Adhesive & Release Agent works with any combination of bond and carbonless paper - CB + CFB ; CFB + CF.

Gluing Membership/Credit Cards to Carrier Sheets

Stick the card to the carrier sheet using a small dot of Carrimount adhesive applied with a Pafra Pen. The card can then be peeled off easily without tearing the paper.

Creating Multi-Part Sets using Plain Paper

You need Superflex Adhesive and Inercote Adhesive Agent. Simply pre-treat the middle sheets of the set with Inercote by brushing onto the edge of the stack. Allow to dry, and collate with the top & bottom sheets before brushing on Superflex to the collated stack. The pre-treated sheets will be glued and you have just produced fanapart sets.

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